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Business Analysis Elicitation Cards


I created these cards for my own use but due to lots of others asking me for a copy

I have created this site for people to order their own set of Business Analysis Tarot Cards and to learn a little more.

The cards can be used in many ways (Other BA’s have created their own uses not listed here) but mostly they are used

for elicitation of strategy, perspective, ideas especially in interviews and workshops.


Below is an introduction to the principals of the cards ,

I am always interested in thoughts and improvements so please feel free to contact me with your ideas or needs.

Business Analysis Tarot Cards

I have created this site for users of my Business Analysis Tarot Cards. You will find a description of all the cards and their meaning.  The cards are not magic, you will not find any occult here. They are a representations of an organisation and how it functions. To find out more about their origins  of the cards check out the Background Pages and my linked in article.

I use the cards for elicitation and consideration of much of the Business analysis process model. They are useful when  looking at the overall business strategy and objectives, investigating the  situation and considering stakeholder perspectives stages of a project.  However they can be useful for the BA during the  analyse needs stage too as a reflection on the holistic view of the organisation.

There are more detailed descriptions throughout this website and I hope to expand on techniques and methodologies as I gain more feedback from the users  and pilots that I have put out there.

In summary: The cards represent the 6 functions of an organisation; These are depicted  by the 6 suits.

The links below take you to the specific suit page where there is a fuller explanation:
Each suit Hearts, Circles, Triangles, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs have six corresponding cards:
The Castle, which denotes foundation.
The King, which denotes seniority. (or at least the impression of it)
The Queen, which denotes insightful or practical application.
The Joker, which denotes the actor.
The knight, which denotes the do’er or owner.
The sage which denotes the thinker.
You will see from the cards below I have  added key words to help with the discussion and as an explanation of the card.

As well as the suits and their respective cards I have also added some additional cards to represent tools that I often use when studying a business.

6 W’s Cards: These cards are always useful when investigating actions, activities and projects and what I have called the Holy Trinity “Value to the Customer, Value to the organisation and value through change (usually the IT system).

There are some instructions and techniques but the Analyst is free to use the cards as they see fit. I hope to expand on these methodologies as we find more applications.  Often I simply lay down the aces in a circle and work through the cards with the subject to get their perspective on the business or their views on a particular issue. Inappropriate cards are easily dismissed resulting in a focussed set of issues.

On the reverse of the cards are other words and reminders such as this one on the reverse of all the aces depicting the  BA Process model

These cards have just completed testing and are for sale in the shop but because they are  still in the early stages of development the stocks are low (so that I do not have to discard too many if I make a change). I have therefore called this pre-order  as the cards could take 7 – 10 days to ship. I hope to get a reasonable amount of stock soon but please bear with me.


The shop is now open but although some stocks are available

please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

For rush orders please contact through the contact page.