A version for a corporate client


Some companies choose to adapt the cards for their own use.

Here is a version I created for a project for BSI the British Standards Institute.

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BSI Version

The cards continue to have the same principals to them but they are adapted for different situations. These cards were used to illustrate to an organisation how standards impact on the entire organisation and not just qualituy control.


Ace’s  – Looking at the organisation


The Aces looked at the whole organisation  Hearts were about leadership, Circles about the storage of information,  Triangles were about resilience, Spades represented fulfilment and diamonds improvement. On the reverse of the cards were an appropriate ISO standard to illustrate the areas that standards cover.

The Castle represents the foundation of the organisation and the foundation of most organisations is organisational health, On the reverse ISO 45001 ISO 45001:2018 the Occupational Health and safety standard

The king of an organisation is its focus in this case we called it core values . One of the core standards that covers the practices across all standards is 9001 – Quality Management systems.

The queen represents insight and practical application, and the understanding of bigger things.  ISO 14001 the environmental standard seemed to be a good fit for this card.

The Joker represents the actors and the culture/ attitude of individuals as well as the organisation.  Attitude to standards matter to BSI.  13485 is a standard for medical devices and is a priority for the organisation. 

The knight represents structure and infrastructure of an organisation.  Standards help to support that infrastructure. The ISO 20000 is all about service management

The context and common understanding of standards  and everyone understanding why standards matter is what this card represents.  44001 is a standard for collaborative business relationships.



The BSI cards are as follows:

Organisation (Leadership) : Organisational health, core values, vision, culture/attitude, structure, context
Knowledge (Information): Insight/analysis, expertise, external knowledge, ignorance, law, teaching and mentoring.
Resources (Resilience): Resources, tangible, intangible, stakeholders, needs and constraints, customer focus.
Conduct (Fulfilment): The Promise, Trust, Why, Language, the How (assurance), communication.
Winning (Improvement): Measurement, process, sustainability, motivation, automation, methods and control.
Cunning (Strategy): Approach, Time, Priority, Change, Scope, Tactics.

These cards ARE NOT FOR SALE – they are an illustration of how the cards can be adapted to your organisation.


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