V3.0 Version of the cards


NEW – V3.0 Feb 2021 version Tarot Cards:  For use with elicitation techniques such as  business analysis workshops and interviews.

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NEW V3.0 FEB 2021 version – 52 beautiful Tarot cards for all of your business analysis workshops, interviews and planning needs. The pack comes with instructions and methodologies. However more detail is available at www.batarot.com/.

From the website:

“Recently I have been studying for a couple of Business Analysis qualifications and although I have been going into businesses for many years consulting on business change and growth, I found the BA processes extremely similar to the work that I have been doing. Over the last 10 years I developed a process for Business Development and when reading background information for the application of BA processes I came up with an idea for helping BA’s particularly when going through the elicitation process for workshops and interviews.

Although I do not profess to be a Business Analysis academic I think that some of my experiences in business have come together to produce something that will be useful to any business owner and business analysts.  I am about to produce a run of these cards for anyone who wants to try them out.

Cards have been used for investigating ideas, concepts, futures etc for many years. The first documented tarot packs were recorded between 1440 and 1450. My twin brother has used cards to investigate brand archetypes and investigate future planning (see: Nockwood Cards), which first showed me how useful a tool like cards are to help open up discussions with clients.

Whilst studying Business Analysis Techniques I adapted my original 6 Functions of an Organisation to be a structure for the BA cards. (see website  Link here  and article on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/.)”

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